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Cupcakes and Bundt Cakes

Put your pictures where your blog is….(play on put your money where your mouth is…) hah….

All this talk about cupcakes, desserts and my little creations-

Ok so here goes some food porn- see the following evolution of my desserts and main meals as I continue to post.

We have cupcakes! Here you see normal looking cupcakes with fun ball sprinkles (parelis..something like that) and pink sprinkles. AND there are also monkey cupcakes from a baby’s birthday party (clever and delicious!). These are pretty normal cupcake box mixes. I thought those were pretty good-

Then for a work event at “Kiss my Bundt” (cute name) we made Bailey’s Irish Creme bundt cakes with a mint buttercream frosting. The other group made banana cognac bundt cakes (eh- not as delicious or beautiful 🙂

I’m still learning how to put pictures in my posts- so the next one will contain more interesting pictures- food food, oreo truffles and white chocolate fudge!