Birthday weekend

Oct 4- oct 8-  Boring work week leading up with PTO and my birthday! I made a ton of mini cupcakes on Friday
Oct 9- Saturday- a WONDERFUL day and night!! So- we hung out around the apartment (Nathan made my German chocolate cake!), went to the gym and then drove off to my parent’s house where we had my birthday party!!!
Mom made lots and lots of wonderful Chinese food and we (me, N, Allen, Sidney, Irene, Casey, Mom and Dad)- ate dinner altogether at the table and then we opened presents and had cake. Ahem I mean I opened presents- and what wonderful gifts I got. My gifts from these folks were extremely thoughtful. A kettle bell from Allen because he knows I like to work out (and because he really is set on this kettle bell thing). 101 cookie cutters from Sidney (who didn’t even know I liked to bake but saw pictures on Allen’s phone). Dad’s portable cool air keyboard- light as a feather and sleek! Mom- Target gift card (she usually is more thoughtful but I’m glad I have the gift card). Irene’s gift was insane- 4 individually wrapped boxes with words- Faith, Hope, Love and Friendship and relatable quotes AND BEAUTIFUL jewelry!!! I couldn’t have asked for better family or friends. Then N comes out with a birthday cake on fire (I forgot to make a wish…how many years have I been doing this??). And we all enjoyed the cake. My parents kept going on and on about it. 🙂

We hung out around the house a little to digest and then we all caravaned to Old Town where originally we were going to go to Old Town Haunted House but went to Barney’s instead and played multiple games of pool where I must say I did very well. Megan and a few of her Link friends showed up and I love her for it- she had to go to Texas the next morning but came anyway- sooo nice!

Oct 10- Sunday- lounged around the apartment- did very very little and it was wonderful. Well we did do Nathan’s online traffic school together- which was extraordinarily boring. But we finished it pretty quickly

Oct 11- What an amazing birthday– SO- I have no idea what N has planned but all I know is that we have to be there by 3pm, I can wear whatever I want and that it needs to be sunny. So I’m thinking maybe something by the water? Who knows. That morning, we had breakfast and then we went to lay out by the pool- I tanned, N burn-tanned. We go back and get ready for whatever…oh before that N tells me we are going to Ontario Mills after (so I’m already excited for shopping – my BCBG card and for the movies after). So we start going on the 210-E towards Pomona and we take the Pomona Fairgrounds exit and I’m thinking are we going to a golf course/ the fair? But the fair is over— it’s just an empty parking lot. He made a wrong turn, so he u-turned and we head toward this lot with some airplanes in it and he turns in…I AM BEYOND SHOCKED at this point- I scream and yelp with excitement bc I think we are going to take a airplane ride over LA.
We walk into a place called “Universal Air Academy” and the guy asks us which one of you is going to fly- and N says- “she is.” omg….I’m getting nervous but I’m really excited. I’m going to fly a plane with wedges on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The instructor hands us our headsets and we walk over to the planes. Our plane is a Cessna 171N. And the pilot checks the plane while N and I take pictures- then we are ready for take off. N gets in the back, and I am sitting in the pilot’s seat. I learn to steer the plane while it is on the ground and then I learn how to make the plane go fast for take off and how to pull back to get the plane in the air. And that is what I do. I push the throttle in and we accelerate on the runway- and then I pull back the steering…thing… (it’s not a wheel…steering device…?) and we took off!!!

I was able to steer us to our apartments in WC and we saw Azusa and then we went in the canyons (AMAZING— didn’t even know Azusa had all that) then we flew over lakes and raging waters…I was also able to help land… so freaking awesome.

At this point I am in awe of Nathan– so I am sooo enamored and amazed at what an amazing gift this was– and how well he knew that I would love this. This really was the catalyst.

Day is not over yet (although it could have been and I would have been just happy and fine and still awesomely excited). We then go to Ontario Mills and I SHOP- Victoria’s Secrets, B&BB, BCBG- then we have a lovely dinner at Rainforest Cafe (it’s cute and fun!) and then we are off to the movies (Social Network/ Life as we Know it).

Best day EVER.


Rest of the week
Tuesday- got my hair done in San Gabriel
Wednesday- hung out with Ash- shopped with Ash (she got me these wonderful headbands that make me not hate my highlights) and then went to my parent’s. SO GET THIS- I go to pick up N (his car/ clutch/something is up)- and we take a fun Porsche for a ride- this particular one had some amazing pick up. That was a fun rush! We had mac and cheese and N fell asleep at 8:00pm….I tried to badger him awake but it didn’t work…he was pretty passed out. I decided to let him sleep and not poke him.
Oh i picked up all of my mail at home (gift cards, books!)
Thursday- MY DAY- finished one of my books (dangit I read too fast- N is starting to call me Matilda).
Friday- breakfast with Braulio in Anaheim, then Allen and Eileen day.


Day to Day update

The last time I posted was about a week ago- and I posted about food. Time to update you on what is going on in my day-to-day…and by you I mean my future self who will read this and figure out what exactly I did this year .

Friday- September 24- Jenn came in Thursday night and we caught up at night and talked a lot. Friday was wonderful- it was great to have someone to work with- a work buddy. I cut it short to go to the pool (and had to work on Sunday). But it was great talking to her and catching up. At night, we went to the store and cooked a bit and then got ready to go out. Matt came over and we eventually made it to Pasadena- Barcelona and then Menage. It was a pretty fun night…I was exhausted though- and I couldn’t feel my arm that night because of the two rock stars that I drank (will never do that again). Anyway I thought it was a fun night. I was sort of grumpy and angry at the end though.
Saturday- September 25- Jenn and I went to the beach all day. N ran some errands. We went to Huntington beach and I love it- it’s so pretty and I noticed that there are bonfire pits. We went to In N out for Jenn’s first taste. After that, I got ready for N’s mom’s birthday dinner at his grandma’s and that was fun. Vince’s and cake and then a bit of the Orphan movie (icky). Jenn was with her friend Trevor who we met later when we came home and tried to watch Rounders but we ended up falling asleep.
Sunday- September 26- Jenn and I went to Victoria Gardens and N went to his family’s lunch event for his mom. I met up with him later at the apartment after dropping off Jenn. An interesting day- N made me feel bad but I realized it was feelings from before that triggered such a big reaction from me. Fun Jenn weekend though! Pictures here:

Monday- Sept 27- Work work work. J football J
Tues- Sept 28- Suppose to take PTO for N’s mom’s surgery- woke up before 5am…but it was cancelled bc the surgeon had been up all night. Dr. Jain (an Indian woman)
Wed- Sept 29- All day was stressful. Was N’s mom’s surgery day and I met a lot of N’s family today. We kept getting updates and when she finally came out I was really thankful that everything went okay. It was hard to see her in tubes and after surgery but she ended up recovering extraordinarily well.
Thurs- Sept 30- Work then hospital- Teri was doing a bit better…not too too much.
Fri- October 1- I worked a bit then drove to meet Ashley and the two babies for lunch and really got a chance to hang out and talk to her. Ash gave me a couple of uplifting CDs that she mixed and I really appreciate that. She and I are the only ones that met our Stickk goals. J…well she has and according to my scale I have too. Afterwards, I drove home (parent’s home) and hung out with my dad and my mom. Mom and I went to the mall where I got Benetint and with that my birthday eye make up pack, a Clean perfume thing, some CoverFX samples (stuff is amazing), and Aveda stuff. YAY! Little surprises. I won’t put those away until my birthday is over…. I like stuff like this.
Afterwards I came home and N and I went to the hospital…things were a bit better
Saturday- October 2- Met up with MEGAN in Old Town at Le Pain Quotidian…funny it has always been in Old Town but I have never been there until I was in London. This place has amazing coffee. And it is crowded and it looks tiny from up front but it is quite big. Megan got this open faced sandwich with sprouts, chickpeas and avocados- I got the chocolate crossiant and a lovely coffee- both of our items looked good- but I can’t eat what Megan had so early in the morning. Anyway it was great catching up with Megan and I think I will see her again during this upcoming weekend of my birthday or at least the week of my birthday when I will take a much needed vacation. Afterwards, I met Nathan on the freeway (he was driving right next to me!). We went to Subway and then hung out at home for a bit and then we went to the hospital to visit N’s mom. She is doing much better and had all of the tubes removed from her and was no longer tired.
After that we went to N’s parent’s home and let out Buster. We had dinner there (Rubios) and then watched Wall Street and Easy A. Both were pretty good. It’s interesting the concept in Wall Street— the idea of not really producing anything and squeezing pennies out of other pennies and not really doing anything significantly productive- greed was a main theme. Easy A was funny and really showed moral character of a nice girl. N and I had a nice night J
Sunday- Oct 3- Nathan has been finishing up his Riverside documents and I have cleaned my closet sort of and organized things sort of. We have some errands to run today and I really want to go to the gym!

Melon balls!

Melon Balls

Melon Ball Salad

I went to Target the other day to pick up Taboo and I went to the Kitchen aisle looking at mini cupcake items and look what I found- a melon baller!! So I don’t know about you– but I can’t stand cutting watermelon.  I like using a melon baller better and eating the pieces taste so much better…doesn’t that say a lot about presentation?

Anyway- so I had to Youtube it because my first few pieces came out funny. You have to dig the tool into the watermelon sideways and make the ball that way. The only way to make a full ball is to space the pieces apart.  But of course I’m not going to waste watermelon so I had some half pieces.

But in the end they turned out really pretty!!


Bruschetta (yummy!)

Home Cooking Party: Appetizer - Tomato-Basil B...

Brushchetta- pronounced “Brus- ketta- a lot of people think it is pronounced “Bru-schetta”- it’s not 🙂  The “ch” in any Italian word makes a “k” sound. Just like the “ce” in any Italian word (Dolce…”La Dolce Vita” “Dolce and Gabana”) is pronounced “che.”

Anyway so awhile back I decided to make it when we had N’s parents over for dinner. I found a great recipe- here it is:

1 slice of french/ Italian bread- toasted
1 Garlic clove  (chopped/minced)
1 Roma Tomato (one per piece of Bruschetta– depending on size of the bread)
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp of chopped basil leaves
1 tbsp of olive oil
Dashes of Pepper
Parmesan cheese (shredded) — the picture does not show the parm.

So obviously and hopefully you won’t make just one piece…so double/quadruple the recipe for more servings.

Dice the tomatos and combine them with the chopped basil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and olive oil. Let the ingredients sit in the fridge for an hour or so before serving.

Before serving, toast the bread and rub a piece of garlic on it. Spoon the ingredients onto the sliced bread and top it with Parmesan cheese.

eileen makes White Chocolate Fudge!

White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...

White and dark chocolate

White chocolate fudge!

So from the Oreo balls- I had cream cheese left over and white chocolate chips left over as well as pecan pieces. I wanted to make another fancy candy and I found a recipe for fudge. I changed it a little and it is so delicious (I can eat so many pieces and I usually bake or cook and barely eat any of it/ give it away).

1 package of cream cheese
12 oz of Nestle‘s white chocolate chips
2 packets of SPLENDA/ Sweet and Low
Pecan pieces
Pam (to grease a baking dish/ cupcake tray)

This seriously is so delicious- tangy and sweet but not too sweet!!

1. Leave the cream cheese out to soften
2. Melt the white chocolate chips (I did it at 20% power in the microwave)
3. Add the splenda packets
4. Mix!
5. Add pecans
6. Pour mixture (like half an inch) into greased baking dish or cupcake tray
7. Put extra pecan pieces on top
8. Refrigerate- then when solid- cut and serve! Remember to refrigerate before serving otherwise it will melt!

Thanks for reading– this is the first dessert that I want more and more of and I’m not a sweets person! I just like baking and making candy 🙂

eileen makes Oreo Truffles!

This post is about Oreo balls/ Oreo truffles/ White chocolate truffles/ Cookies and Creme truffles – either way- YUM! I got the original idea from Bakerella with her cake pops and mini desserts (love her btw!) and then I randomly saw a recipe for Oreo balls (not on her site but then later I figured out that she did these too) and I was really excited about them for awhile- it’s so easy.

All you need is:

1 package of Oreos – smash them into a fine sand like substance (I used a ziplock bag and an eight pound dumbbell…but I’m sure a blender/ food processor or a mallet would work too 🙂
1 package of cream cheese softened
White chocolate (you can also use Almond bark with white chocolate flavoring)- I used Nestle’s white chocolate chips– didn’t bother with shortening

1. Smash Oreos to a fine consistency (otherwise you’ll have lumps in your truffles!)
2. Combine this with softened cream cheese (you’ll have a black dirt colored piece of greasy dough- yummm 🙂 – feel free to taste- pretty delicious…
3. Roll these babies into little balls and put in the fridge for awhile!! Make sure they are hard and not melty otherwise you’ll have dirt colored white chocolate
4. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler (careful not to get any water in it or it’ll scorch… AND microwave on low heat).
5. Dip the ball babies into the white chocolate with a fork. lift out and place on wax paper- repeat…put in fridge
6. Cover with nuts/sprinkles/Oreo crumbs
7. Refrigerate

*Note you can find many Youtube clips for this… I didn’t know how to melt chocolate or make these truffles but…now I do!!!

They turned out delicious and beautiful! You will definitely want a glass of milk with these.

I’m really into presentation so I went to Michael’s and bought candy cups and treat boxes and adorable ribbon. I placed the truffles in the candy cups into the treat boxes. Then I glue gunned a cute ribbon bow on the box and presto- a little gift for my fiance’s parents!

Cupcakes and Bundt Cakes

Put your pictures where your blog is….(play on put your money where your mouth is…) hah….

All this talk about cupcakes, desserts and my little creations-

Ok so here goes some food porn- see the following evolution of my desserts and main meals as I continue to post.

We have cupcakes! Here you see normal looking cupcakes with fun ball sprinkles (parelis..something like that) and pink sprinkles. AND there are also monkey cupcakes from a baby’s birthday party (clever and delicious!). These are pretty normal cupcake box mixes. I thought those were pretty good-

Then for a work event at “Kiss my Bundt” (cute name) we made Bailey’s Irish Creme bundt cakes with a mint buttercream frosting. The other group made banana cognac bundt cakes (eh- not as delicious or beautiful 🙂

I’m still learning how to put pictures in my posts- so the next one will contain more interesting pictures- food food, oreo truffles and white chocolate fudge!