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Friday night-fun…:)

Okay so I am up Friday night at 1am. No I have not just come back from the bar or fancy lounge or club…or even the gym. I have been at home since N got home. He passed out after dinner…I don’t blame him but this is kind of becoming a habit for Friday night… :/ Anyhow— so what am I doing?
I am making an ice cream cake for Allen’s birthday on Sunday (see link below)

Well I made the cake part…need to buy strawberry ice cream, cool whip and candles tomorrow…need to buy lots of groceries tomorrow…plus pick up the rest of Allen’s bday gift.

I also found some wonderful things that I want/ want to try:
Pumpkin whoopie pies (YUM!) I will most likely use a spice mix for it though…so I will use the cream cheese filling from this site:
And the cookie recipe below:

Pumpkin Cookie Cakes

  • 1 cup canned pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • 1/3 cup butter, softened
  • 1 package (18.25-oune) spice cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk

OK– so what else am I doing?? I found something I forgot about that I want to do: Mini pumpkin pies!

AND I found an awesome pie cutter/mold/pocket thing here:

I am afraid now to go into Williams Sonoma for fear of all that I will purchase…I was never a fan of the place before….but that was when I was traveling and working and lived out of a hotel room…NOW that I have lots of time and I like to host…I am in dessert heaven.

Speaking of hosting- this is my favorite hostess blog-

I think all of this blog reading started with Bakerella…which started by reading Lexi’s blog about cake pops…and then I entered into this whole new world of great women who blog and take pictures of things, fashion and food and I have fallen into the world of creativity. Also there are a ton of wedding blogs and websites out there – it is almost too much for me..

What else did I do tonight? I found an amazing deal at Old Navy- 50% off any piece of outerwear– WOW- so I’m picking which one I want and which one I want for N – sale starts Oct 26-28
Women’s selection-
Men’s selection-

Now yes– I have a lot of clothes..yes I need to give away clothes more than I need to buy them…yes I have tailored made jackets from all over but who can resist a 50% off sale! not me. I am going to go tomorrow to try some of them on to figure out which one I want 🙂 goodness I have a LOT more time with this new job and I love it!!

Ok what else did I do tonight? I wrapped Allen’s gift– I got him a nice sweater and button up shirt and some gushers (lol)! Tomorrow I will go pick him up a collage I made of him and I and our family (sibling pictures!) and buy him a Jawbone bluetooth which is pricey but is suppose to be amazing.

I also tried on my new USC shirt for next week’s game- love it! it’s a sweater with a silver heart on it and USC in the middle…speaking of which I should listen to Obama’s speech today (he was at SC today).

It is 1:10am…and I am going to go to bed! Tomorrow should be more fun…I am shopping in the morning— Walgreens, Best Buy, groceries…cake making and whoopie pie making in the afternoon, Wedding location appointments at Anaheim country club ( and La Canada Country club ( and then at night I’m hoping we will go out in Pasadena.

Sunday will be one more wedding location in Azusa at the Lindley-Scott house ( and then we will have people over for Allen’s bday, go adult go-kart racing (K1) and then to my parents for food, my ice cream cake and presents, then Allen has us going to a lounge/bar in Pasadena for the shirt launching of the uglymofo.. I love what he put on the website as the theme of the logo and name:

Ugly Mofo is the projection of the ugliness inside everyday normal people, and of course, everyday not so normal people. Our artwork and apparel is the representation of how all beautiful things have an ugly side. The only thing is, it’s not that easy to use a paper bag to cover up what’s on the inside.  We specialize in alternative apparel and underground hip hop clothing.

Fun and busy weekend! Next weekend- USC-Oregon game, Halloween!! And weekend after that will be N’s bday and skydiving! yikes!!!


Melon balls!

Melon Balls

Melon Ball Salad

I went to Target the other day to pick up Taboo and I went to the Kitchen aisle looking at mini cupcake items and look what I found- a melon baller!! So I don’t know about you– but I can’t stand cutting watermelon.  I like using a melon baller better and eating the pieces taste so much better…doesn’t that say a lot about presentation?

Anyway- so I had to Youtube it because my first few pieces came out funny. You have to dig the tool into the watermelon sideways and make the ball that way. The only way to make a full ball is to space the pieces apart.  But of course I’m not going to waste watermelon so I had some half pieces.

But in the end they turned out really pretty!!


Bruschetta (yummy!)

Home Cooking Party: Appetizer - Tomato-Basil B...

Brushchetta- pronounced “Brus- ketta- a lot of people think it is pronounced “Bru-schetta”- it’s not 🙂  The “ch” in any Italian word makes a “k” sound. Just like the “ce” in any Italian word (Dolce…”La Dolce Vita” “Dolce and Gabana”) is pronounced “che.”

Anyway so awhile back I decided to make it when we had N’s parents over for dinner. I found a great recipe- here it is:

1 slice of french/ Italian bread- toasted
1 Garlic clove  (chopped/minced)
1 Roma Tomato (one per piece of Bruschetta– depending on size of the bread)
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp of chopped basil leaves
1 tbsp of olive oil
Dashes of Pepper
Parmesan cheese (shredded) — the picture does not show the parm.

So obviously and hopefully you won’t make just one piece…so double/quadruple the recipe for more servings.

Dice the tomatos and combine them with the chopped basil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and olive oil. Let the ingredients sit in the fridge for an hour or so before serving.

Before serving, toast the bread and rub a piece of garlic on it. Spoon the ingredients onto the sliced bread and top it with Parmesan cheese.

eileen makes White Chocolate Fudge!

White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...

White and dark chocolate

White chocolate fudge!

So from the Oreo balls- I had cream cheese left over and white chocolate chips left over as well as pecan pieces. I wanted to make another fancy candy and I found a recipe for fudge. I changed it a little and it is so delicious (I can eat so many pieces and I usually bake or cook and barely eat any of it/ give it away).

1 package of cream cheese
12 oz of Nestle‘s white chocolate chips
2 packets of SPLENDA/ Sweet and Low
Pecan pieces
Pam (to grease a baking dish/ cupcake tray)

This seriously is so delicious- tangy and sweet but not too sweet!!

1. Leave the cream cheese out to soften
2. Melt the white chocolate chips (I did it at 20% power in the microwave)
3. Add the splenda packets
4. Mix!
5. Add pecans
6. Pour mixture (like half an inch) into greased baking dish or cupcake tray
7. Put extra pecan pieces on top
8. Refrigerate- then when solid- cut and serve! Remember to refrigerate before serving otherwise it will melt!

Thanks for reading– this is the first dessert that I want more and more of and I’m not a sweets person! I just like baking and making candy 🙂

eileen makes Oreo Truffles!

This post is about Oreo balls/ Oreo truffles/ White chocolate truffles/ Cookies and Creme truffles – either way- YUM! I got the original idea from Bakerella with her cake pops and mini desserts (love her btw!) and then I randomly saw a recipe for Oreo balls (not on her site but then later I figured out that she did these too) and I was really excited about them for awhile- it’s so easy.

All you need is:

1 package of Oreos – smash them into a fine sand like substance (I used a ziplock bag and an eight pound dumbbell…but I’m sure a blender/ food processor or a mallet would work too 🙂
1 package of cream cheese softened
White chocolate (you can also use Almond bark with white chocolate flavoring)- I used Nestle’s white chocolate chips– didn’t bother with shortening

1. Smash Oreos to a fine consistency (otherwise you’ll have lumps in your truffles!)
2. Combine this with softened cream cheese (you’ll have a black dirt colored piece of greasy dough- yummm 🙂 – feel free to taste- pretty delicious…
3. Roll these babies into little balls and put in the fridge for awhile!! Make sure they are hard and not melty otherwise you’ll have dirt colored white chocolate
4. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler (careful not to get any water in it or it’ll scorch… AND microwave on low heat).
5. Dip the ball babies into the white chocolate with a fork. lift out and place on wax paper- repeat…put in fridge
6. Cover with nuts/sprinkles/Oreo crumbs
7. Refrigerate

*Note you can find many Youtube clips for this… I didn’t know how to melt chocolate or make these truffles but…now I do!!!

They turned out delicious and beautiful! You will definitely want a glass of milk with these.

I’m really into presentation so I went to Michael’s and bought candy cups and treat boxes and adorable ribbon. I placed the truffles in the candy cups into the treat boxes. Then I glue gunned a cute ribbon bow on the box and presto- a little gift for my fiance’s parents!

Cupcakes and Bundt Cakes

Put your pictures where your blog is….(play on put your money where your mouth is…) hah….

All this talk about cupcakes, desserts and my little creations-

Ok so here goes some food porn- see the following evolution of my desserts and main meals as I continue to post.

We have cupcakes! Here you see normal looking cupcakes with fun ball sprinkles (parelis..something like that) and pink sprinkles. AND there are also monkey cupcakes from a baby’s birthday party (clever and delicious!). These are pretty normal cupcake box mixes. I thought those were pretty good-

Then for a work event at “Kiss my Bundt” (cute name) we made Bailey’s Irish Creme bundt cakes with a mint buttercream frosting. The other group made banana cognac bundt cakes (eh- not as delicious or beautiful 🙂

I’m still learning how to put pictures in my posts- so the next one will contain more interesting pictures- food food, oreo truffles and white chocolate fudge!

Instead of a coffee break/ coworker chat…

I will update my blog because I can’t really do a coworker visit or coffee break with a coworker! I have to make this quick because I have plenty to do today.

Last update was September 17th

Friday, Sept 17- afternoon- lunch at an Italian place with Marie, Kalven and Bobby (fun!). night- went to N’s parent’s house, I brought his mom books, Oreo truffles and I brought over Taboo. We played a very competitive game – it was initially difficult but then fun. It’s kind of funny to see how competitive people can get.
Saturday- daytime I was annoyed with N and I couldn’t help how I felt because this past week I had seriously gone out of my way to do things for him and to make sure he was happy and I got like zero output back. Yes he appreciated me and the effort but I felt at that point that it was at such a disparity that it was enough to get mad. Anyway, angry dentist appointment, then angry staying at home, then angry Eileen has Irene come over. N goes to the gym and Irene and angry Eileen go to the mall.  Irene helps Eileen with her clothes for the night and is a true sweetheart in trying to pin my clothes. Angry Eileen is now annoyed Eileen. Irene goes home. Annoyed Eileen goes with Nathan (now both in going out clothes) to Upland and then Rancho. Eileen gets less angry with Nathan because he is cute (ugh).
We get to Matt’s house and we pick him up and then go to his friend’s house where there are already people there. It was actually a great night- N was very attentive and nice and redeemed himself majorly. The limo was a great idea- we took that to Old Town Pasadena and went to Menage!!! 🙂 Love that club and I had so much fun there and N’s HS friends are nice.

Sunday- we woke up late- was gonna be an E and N day- we went to Target for errands and we were watching football in our underwear and then the people who cancelled on us decided that they were gonna show up. 🙂 Irene and Casey came and then Dillon and Sarah dropped by. I made dinner (with clothes on of course) and then we watched a bit of Family Guy and then played Taboo for a $25 Amazon gift card (N and I were playing to keep the card).  KC was goneeee….totally drunk and Irene was trying to keep him playing on her team (lost cause :). Dillon and Sarah won in the end.
Then N and I cleaned up and fell asleep.

We are getting back to normal again and I am not getting hurt anymore. I am wary of things becoming too normal and boring though where we don’t have anything to say to each other– so that concerns me. I’m not good at being quiet or unexcited.

Anyway- Sunday was when I realized I am out of the fashion world and I have become too casual for my own good. I packed away all of my business clothes except a couple of suits and I gave away over 250 articles of clothing (still in the process of giving them away). I am transforming my purses, I bought 2 pairs of new shoes. I cut t-shirts. I think…what is happening is that I am losing my sense of style because 1- I live in WC, 2- I work at home, 3- I don’t really go to Pasadena/WS anymore (when I did the other night with Irene I was appalled at how I was dressed), and 4- I’m in good shape so most clothes are fine with me, 5- and this may be the main reason- N is so casual and seems to prefer when I wear things that do not stab, poke or get beads on him. hah fair enough.

I am going to subscribe to Vogue and redeem myself though. N’s bro showed up in a peacoat on Sunday and I actually thought he was dressed well. Yes he did look nice, BUT when in my life before all of the above 5 factors did I consider a peacoat to be dressed up? It’s when I am wearing a child’s t-shirt and cheerleading shorts.

Monday- work, made white choc fudge AND watched an awesome MNF game (Saints and 49ers)

Anyway- food for today- 2 coffees, 1 piece of fudge, white chocolate chips and chicken noodle soup. 🙂