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eileen makes White Chocolate Fudge!

White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...

White and dark chocolate

White chocolate fudge!

So from the Oreo balls- I had cream cheese left over and white chocolate chips left over as well as pecan pieces. I wanted to make another fancy candy and I found a recipe for fudge. I changed it a little and it is so delicious (I can eat so many pieces and I usually bake or cook and barely eat any of it/ give it away).

1 package of cream cheese
12 oz of Nestle‘s white chocolate chips
2 packets of SPLENDA/ Sweet and Low
Pecan pieces
Pam (to grease a baking dish/ cupcake tray)

This seriously is so delicious- tangy and sweet but not too sweet!!

1. Leave the cream cheese out to soften
2. Melt the white chocolate chips (I did it at 20% power in the microwave)
3. Add the splenda packets
4. Mix!
5. Add pecans
6. Pour mixture (like half an inch) into greased baking dish or cupcake tray
7. Put extra pecan pieces on top
8. Refrigerate- then when solid- cut and serve! Remember to refrigerate before serving otherwise it will melt!

Thanks for reading– this is the first dessert that I want more and more of and I’m not a sweets person! I just like baking and making candy 🙂


eileen makes Oreo Truffles!

This post is about Oreo balls/ Oreo truffles/ White chocolate truffles/ Cookies and Creme truffles – either way- YUM! I got the original idea from Bakerella with her cake pops and mini desserts (love her btw!) and then I randomly saw a recipe for Oreo balls (not on her site but then later I figured out that she did these too) and I was really excited about them for awhile- it’s so easy.

All you need is:

1 package of Oreos – smash them into a fine sand like substance (I used a ziplock bag and an eight pound dumbbell…but I’m sure a blender/ food processor or a mallet would work too 🙂
1 package of cream cheese softened
White chocolate (you can also use Almond bark with white chocolate flavoring)- I used Nestle’s white chocolate chips– didn’t bother with shortening

1. Smash Oreos to a fine consistency (otherwise you’ll have lumps in your truffles!)
2. Combine this with softened cream cheese (you’ll have a black dirt colored piece of greasy dough- yummm 🙂 – feel free to taste- pretty delicious…
3. Roll these babies into little balls and put in the fridge for awhile!! Make sure they are hard and not melty otherwise you’ll have dirt colored white chocolate
4. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler (careful not to get any water in it or it’ll scorch… AND microwave on low heat).
5. Dip the ball babies into the white chocolate with a fork. lift out and place on wax paper- repeat…put in fridge
6. Cover with nuts/sprinkles/Oreo crumbs
7. Refrigerate

*Note you can find many Youtube clips for this… I didn’t know how to melt chocolate or make these truffles but…now I do!!!

They turned out delicious and beautiful! You will definitely want a glass of milk with these.

I’m really into presentation so I went to Michael’s and bought candy cups and treat boxes and adorable ribbon. I placed the truffles in the candy cups into the treat boxes. Then I glue gunned a cute ribbon bow on the box and presto- a little gift for my fiance’s parents!

Cupcakes and Bundt Cakes

Put your pictures where your blog is….(play on put your money where your mouth is…) hah….

All this talk about cupcakes, desserts and my little creations-

Ok so here goes some food porn- see the following evolution of my desserts and main meals as I continue to post.

We have cupcakes! Here you see normal looking cupcakes with fun ball sprinkles (parelis..something like that) and pink sprinkles. AND there are also monkey cupcakes from a baby’s birthday party (clever and delicious!). These are pretty normal cupcake box mixes. I thought those were pretty good-

Then for a work event at “Kiss my Bundt” (cute name) we made Bailey’s Irish Creme bundt cakes with a mint buttercream frosting. The other group made banana cognac bundt cakes (eh- not as delicious or beautiful 🙂

I’m still learning how to put pictures in my posts- so the next one will contain more interesting pictures- food food, oreo truffles and white chocolate fudge!


Meals I have cooked that I will cook again:

Chicken tacos and burritos
Grilled tri tips and grilled zucchini with garlic bread
Meatballs and rice, tuna pasta salad, strawberries with chocolate
BBQ chicken and rice (add water to the spices in the skillet to keep the chicken moist)
Eggs and toast…lol
Turkey sandwiches
Turkey burgers
Any cheating tuna helper meal/ pasta helper meal
Pasta with sauce…not too creative..

To make– that Chipotle rice, a healthier Panda orange chicken, I’m interested in this copykat recipes site

Dishes I can make with things in the fridge:
Egg salad
Chicken Salad
Tuna salad
(all of which can go in sandwiches- OR WRAPS)
Grilled Cheese 🙂

February 24, 2010


  • SORE-  My calves are getting really really sore so even if I had an opportunity to run, I would not have been able to (sad face)
  • WORK-  I did 5 full testing scenarios with the business at BBY and all of them PASSED with no issues when they were scheduled (WHAT- no defects?) I’m hoping the rest of the next few weeks looks similar to this!
  • EYE APPT = I FINALLY scheduled an eye appointment and selected GLASSES that are one- cute and stylish and two- OMG I will finally have glasses that are the right prescription.
    • My official new optometrist- ROGER – is great. He did a very thorough test on my eyes and we found out that the redness around my eyes is creeping into the colored part of my eyes and that my eyes need WAY more oxygen than they are getting.
    • The problem is that I wear Toric lenses which are thicker but good for astigmatism but they are not as porous
    • I am relieved too that my eyes are not as worse as I thought…Plus I think with the new glasses I will be able to wear contacts a lot less. I’m thrilled to wear glasses with the right prescription for me on airplanes or while I work- they are brown and cool looking.
    • Sad news though- my eyesight has gotten worse- slowly getting worse and my astigmatism is getting worse. I NEED to learn to take better care of my eyes and again I think the glasses will really help in this.

This next part is more interesting:

  • ENGAGEMENTS RINGS—we chose one!!! It is so freaking gorgeous and PERFECT! I mean it’s got side stones and it looks wonderful. Nathan bought it yesterday (OMGOMGOMGOMG)- I have no idea when he is picking it up but now I’m all nervous because I know he wanted the ring to be a surprise but he also knows I am finicky about jewelry so he wanted me to like it- but I have no idea when he will ask. So now I’m on pins and needles J- but I don’t think it will be for awhile.

I chose four rings that I liked- a couple of them pre-assembled and one of them was a wedding set- but in the end I liked the one that I picked out first— it’s got a cool vintage look to it and I can see myself always wearing it.

This is a picture of the ring. We picked our own diamond for it! Diamonds are expensive! Whew! Anyhow the funny thing is- I tried it on with the matching wedding band and I think the stone we picked out might be too big…I may want something smaller to balance out the side stones (anyway our consultant said we could trade it out if we wanted).

Yesterday this all felt very real- like this was the beginning of our future together and it was a very nice feeling. After ring shopping we went to cuddle heaven.  Awwww hahaha.

Today- February 24, is my mom’s birthday. I worked today and after work I did a lot of things:

  • I bought 385 shares of a freight stock and moved funds to my Scottrade account.
  • I paid off 80% of my remaining balance on my car
  • I registered for the GMATs- May 29 8am.

This week is kind of expensive— Vegas weekend, glasses, stock buying, car paying, GMAT registering, Ma’s birthday gift, mmm .
I posted some Italy pictures on my FB too. Then we went to this fancy seafood restaurant for my mom’s birthday. It was just Dad, Ma and me. Allen and Sidney went to the Mariah Carey concert. Ma has expensive taste in food. I tried abalone for the first time—aren’t those going extinct? I don’t know. Anyhow it’s okay- like a dense scallop.
Then Barbara came over and we got to catch up for a while! I really enjoyed her visit- and I miss hanging out with her. I’m glad we are friends and that I have a sounding board in her. Plus she always has fun stories- she is going to Jamaica for a wedding tomorrow (how fun!).
Allen and I had a really nice meaningful chat about growing up and about love. We have our best chats in the middle of the night. I love my brother.


Last week I discovered bags under my eyes. I can see them now. They were not there before and now they are.
Note- February 17.

I have not been sleeping as much still.