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Life is busy

February 14th.
Talk about being busy. Work is busy and life is busy. Every Thursdays we have Alpha. Every other Saturday, we have a meeting with pastor John and something for the wedding. We have birthdays, (2 in February), 2 dinners coming up for family stuff. Past Chinese new year.

To recap- 3 Alpha meetings so far, 2 meetings with Pastor John, 1 cake tasting done, 1 dinner with Dad’s cousins and family, 1 dinner for Chinese New Year, 1 flu that Nathan had, 2 current colds that I and N both have, many errands, 4 trips to Michaels for wedding stuff (guestbook frame, card box, stickers, etc), invitations done (almost), and lots more I need to take care of, hung out with Irene once separately (mall trip), saw Ash twice — went to her house on Friday and hung out with her and the babies and then N and I went to see her at her boutique yesterday, 2 nice weekends spent outside (yesterday we went to the pool and played Nerf football), 1 bridal shower and bachelorette party being planned !!

Anyway- I haven’t been good at updating this but I will be!.



Birthday weekend

Oct 4- oct 8-  Boring work week leading up with PTO and my birthday! I made a ton of mini cupcakes on Friday
Oct 9- Saturday- a WONDERFUL day and night!! So- we hung out around the apartment (Nathan made my German chocolate cake!), went to the gym and then drove off to my parent’s house where we had my birthday party!!!
Mom made lots and lots of wonderful Chinese food and we (me, N, Allen, Sidney, Irene, Casey, Mom and Dad)- ate dinner altogether at the table and then we opened presents and had cake. Ahem I mean I opened presents- and what wonderful gifts I got. My gifts from these folks were extremely thoughtful. A kettle bell from Allen because he knows I like to work out (and because he really is set on this kettle bell thing). 101 cookie cutters from Sidney (who didn’t even know I liked to bake but saw pictures on Allen’s phone). Dad’s portable cool air keyboard- light as a feather and sleek! Mom- Target gift card (she usually is more thoughtful but I’m glad I have the gift card). Irene’s gift was insane- 4 individually wrapped boxes with words- Faith, Hope, Love and Friendship and relatable quotes AND BEAUTIFUL jewelry!!! I couldn’t have asked for better family or friends. Then N comes out with a birthday cake on fire (I forgot to make a wish…how many years have I been doing this??). And we all enjoyed the cake. My parents kept going on and on about it. 🙂

We hung out around the house a little to digest and then we all caravaned to Old Town where originally we were going to go to Old Town Haunted House but went to Barney’s instead and played multiple games of pool where I must say I did very well. Megan and a few of her Link friends showed up and I love her for it- she had to go to Texas the next morning but came anyway- sooo nice!

Oct 10- Sunday- lounged around the apartment- did very very little and it was wonderful. Well we did do Nathan’s online traffic school together- which was extraordinarily boring. But we finished it pretty quickly

Oct 11- What an amazing birthday– SO- I have no idea what N has planned but all I know is that we have to be there by 3pm, I can wear whatever I want and that it needs to be sunny. So I’m thinking maybe something by the water? Who knows. That morning, we had breakfast and then we went to lay out by the pool- I tanned, N burn-tanned. We go back and get ready for whatever…oh before that N tells me we are going to Ontario Mills after (so I’m already excited for shopping – my BCBG card and for the movies after). So we start going on the 210-E towards Pomona and we take the Pomona Fairgrounds exit and I’m thinking are we going to a golf course/ the fair? But the fair is over— it’s just an empty parking lot. He made a wrong turn, so he u-turned and we head toward this lot with some airplanes in it and he turns in…I AM BEYOND SHOCKED at this point- I scream and yelp with excitement bc I think we are going to take a airplane ride over LA.
We walk into a place called “Universal Air Academy” and the guy asks us which one of you is going to fly- and N says- “she is.” omg….I’m getting nervous but I’m really excited. I’m going to fly a plane with wedges on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The instructor hands us our headsets and we walk over to the planes. Our plane is a Cessna 171N. And the pilot checks the plane while N and I take pictures- then we are ready for take off. N gets in the back, and I am sitting in the pilot’s seat. I learn to steer the plane while it is on the ground and then I learn how to make the plane go fast for take off and how to pull back to get the plane in the air. And that is what I do. I push the throttle in and we accelerate on the runway- and then I pull back the steering…thing… (it’s not a wheel…steering device…?) and we took off!!!

I was able to steer us to our apartments in WC and we saw Azusa and then we went in the canyons (AMAZING— didn’t even know Azusa had all that) then we flew over lakes and raging waters…I was also able to help land… so freaking awesome.

At this point I am in awe of Nathan– so I am sooo enamored and amazed at what an amazing gift this was– and how well he knew that I would love this. This really was the catalyst.

Day is not over yet (although it could have been and I would have been just happy and fine and still awesomely excited). We then go to Ontario Mills and I SHOP- Victoria’s Secrets, B&BB, BCBG- then we have a lovely dinner at Rainforest Cafe (it’s cute and fun!) and then we are off to the movies (Social Network/ Life as we Know it).

Best day EVER.


Rest of the week
Tuesday- got my hair done in San Gabriel
Wednesday- hung out with Ash- shopped with Ash (she got me these wonderful headbands that make me not hate my highlights) and then went to my parent’s. SO GET THIS- I go to pick up N (his car/ clutch/something is up)- and we take a fun Porsche for a ride- this particular one had some amazing pick up. That was a fun rush! We had mac and cheese and N fell asleep at 8:00pm….I tried to badger him awake but it didn’t work…he was pretty passed out. I decided to let him sleep and not poke him.
Oh i picked up all of my mail at home (gift cards, books!)
Thursday- MY DAY- finished one of my books (dangit I read too fast- N is starting to call me Matilda).
Friday- breakfast with Braulio in Anaheim, then Allen and Eileen day.

Day to Day update

The last time I posted was about a week ago- and I posted about food. Time to update you on what is going on in my day-to-day…and by you I mean my future self who will read this and figure out what exactly I did this year .

Friday- September 24- Jenn came in Thursday night and we caught up at night and talked a lot. Friday was wonderful- it was great to have someone to work with- a work buddy. I cut it short to go to the pool (and had to work on Sunday). But it was great talking to her and catching up. At night, we went to the store and cooked a bit and then got ready to go out. Matt came over and we eventually made it to Pasadena- Barcelona and then Menage. It was a pretty fun night…I was exhausted though- and I couldn’t feel my arm that night because of the two rock stars that I drank (will never do that again). Anyway I thought it was a fun night. I was sort of grumpy and angry at the end though.
Saturday- September 25- Jenn and I went to the beach all day. N ran some errands. We went to Huntington beach and I love it- it’s so pretty and I noticed that there are bonfire pits. We went to In N out for Jenn’s first taste. After that, I got ready for N’s mom’s birthday dinner at his grandma’s and that was fun. Vince’s and cake and then a bit of the Orphan movie (icky). Jenn was with her friend Trevor who we met later when we came home and tried to watch Rounders but we ended up falling asleep.
Sunday- September 26- Jenn and I went to Victoria Gardens and N went to his family’s lunch event for his mom. I met up with him later at the apartment after dropping off Jenn. An interesting day- N made me feel bad but I realized it was feelings from before that triggered such a big reaction from me. Fun Jenn weekend though! Pictures here:

Monday- Sept 27- Work work work. J football J
Tues- Sept 28- Suppose to take PTO for N’s mom’s surgery- woke up before 5am…but it was cancelled bc the surgeon had been up all night. Dr. Jain (an Indian woman)
Wed- Sept 29- All day was stressful. Was N’s mom’s surgery day and I met a lot of N’s family today. We kept getting updates and when she finally came out I was really thankful that everything went okay. It was hard to see her in tubes and after surgery but she ended up recovering extraordinarily well.
Thurs- Sept 30- Work then hospital- Teri was doing a bit better…not too too much.
Fri- October 1- I worked a bit then drove to meet Ashley and the two babies for lunch and really got a chance to hang out and talk to her. Ash gave me a couple of uplifting CDs that she mixed and I really appreciate that. She and I are the only ones that met our Stickk goals. J…well she has and according to my scale I have too. Afterwards, I drove home (parent’s home) and hung out with my dad and my mom. Mom and I went to the mall where I got Benetint and with that my birthday eye make up pack, a Clean perfume thing, some CoverFX samples (stuff is amazing), and Aveda stuff. YAY! Little surprises. I won’t put those away until my birthday is over…. I like stuff like this.
Afterwards I came home and N and I went to the hospital…things were a bit better
Saturday- October 2- Met up with MEGAN in Old Town at Le Pain Quotidian…funny it has always been in Old Town but I have never been there until I was in London. This place has amazing coffee. And it is crowded and it looks tiny from up front but it is quite big. Megan got this open faced sandwich with sprouts, chickpeas and avocados- I got the chocolate crossiant and a lovely coffee- both of our items looked good- but I can’t eat what Megan had so early in the morning. Anyway it was great catching up with Megan and I think I will see her again during this upcoming weekend of my birthday or at least the week of my birthday when I will take a much needed vacation. Afterwards, I met Nathan on the freeway (he was driving right next to me!). We went to Subway and then hung out at home for a bit and then we went to the hospital to visit N’s mom. She is doing much better and had all of the tubes removed from her and was no longer tired.
After that we went to N’s parent’s home and let out Buster. We had dinner there (Rubios) and then watched Wall Street and Easy A. Both were pretty good. It’s interesting the concept in Wall Street— the idea of not really producing anything and squeezing pennies out of other pennies and not really doing anything significantly productive- greed was a main theme. Easy A was funny and really showed moral character of a nice girl. N and I had a nice night J
Sunday- Oct 3- Nathan has been finishing up his Riverside documents and I have cleaned my closet sort of and organized things sort of. We have some errands to run today and I really want to go to the gym!

Instead of a coffee break/ coworker chat…

I will update my blog because I can’t really do a coworker visit or coffee break with a coworker! I have to make this quick because I have plenty to do today.

Last update was September 17th

Friday, Sept 17- afternoon- lunch at an Italian place with Marie, Kalven and Bobby (fun!). night- went to N’s parent’s house, I brought his mom books, Oreo truffles and I brought over Taboo. We played a very competitive game – it was initially difficult but then fun. It’s kind of funny to see how competitive people can get.
Saturday- daytime I was annoyed with N and I couldn’t help how I felt because this past week I had seriously gone out of my way to do things for him and to make sure he was happy and I got like zero output back. Yes he appreciated me and the effort but I felt at that point that it was at such a disparity that it was enough to get mad. Anyway, angry dentist appointment, then angry staying at home, then angry Eileen has Irene come over. N goes to the gym and Irene and angry Eileen go to the mall.  Irene helps Eileen with her clothes for the night and is a true sweetheart in trying to pin my clothes. Angry Eileen is now annoyed Eileen. Irene goes home. Annoyed Eileen goes with Nathan (now both in going out clothes) to Upland and then Rancho. Eileen gets less angry with Nathan because he is cute (ugh).
We get to Matt’s house and we pick him up and then go to his friend’s house where there are already people there. It was actually a great night- N was very attentive and nice and redeemed himself majorly. The limo was a great idea- we took that to Old Town Pasadena and went to Menage!!! 🙂 Love that club and I had so much fun there and N’s HS friends are nice.

Sunday- we woke up late- was gonna be an E and N day- we went to Target for errands and we were watching football in our underwear and then the people who cancelled on us decided that they were gonna show up. 🙂 Irene and Casey came and then Dillon and Sarah dropped by. I made dinner (with clothes on of course) and then we watched a bit of Family Guy and then played Taboo for a $25 Amazon gift card (N and I were playing to keep the card).  KC was goneeee….totally drunk and Irene was trying to keep him playing on her team (lost cause :). Dillon and Sarah won in the end.
Then N and I cleaned up and fell asleep.

We are getting back to normal again and I am not getting hurt anymore. I am wary of things becoming too normal and boring though where we don’t have anything to say to each other– so that concerns me. I’m not good at being quiet or unexcited.

Anyway- Sunday was when I realized I am out of the fashion world and I have become too casual for my own good. I packed away all of my business clothes except a couple of suits and I gave away over 250 articles of clothing (still in the process of giving them away). I am transforming my purses, I bought 2 pairs of new shoes. I cut t-shirts. I think…what is happening is that I am losing my sense of style because 1- I live in WC, 2- I work at home, 3- I don’t really go to Pasadena/WS anymore (when I did the other night with Irene I was appalled at how I was dressed), and 4- I’m in good shape so most clothes are fine with me, 5- and this may be the main reason- N is so casual and seems to prefer when I wear things that do not stab, poke or get beads on him. hah fair enough.

I am going to subscribe to Vogue and redeem myself though. N’s bro showed up in a peacoat on Sunday and I actually thought he was dressed well. Yes he did look nice, BUT when in my life before all of the above 5 factors did I consider a peacoat to be dressed up? It’s when I am wearing a child’s t-shirt and cheerleading shorts.

Monday- work, made white choc fudge AND watched an awesome MNF game (Saints and 49ers)

Anyway- food for today- 2 coffees, 1 piece of fudge, white chocolate chips and chicken noodle soup. 🙂

Goodness- comic link

The good is true– the horrible– is somewhat true- Loss of regimen is definitely one- ex- this past week I worked 12-14 hour days everyday. Well actually all of it is true- but to a less extreme case of course 🙂 haha

Thanks Irene for this!


This year-

3 Vegas trips
1 kayaking trip
1 to be skydiving trip
1 rock climbing adventure
1 trip to London
1 Laker game
4-5 Dodger games
1 Accenture Summer social
1 photoshoot (scooter show)
1 Lakers Championship
1 time I met Matt (N’s bff)
1 time I met Kevin (N’s bff)
4 Comedy shows
1 wedding (Porscha)
1 baby’s birthday party
1 Rose Parade
10 pounds lost
15,000 miles more on my car
1 time I got sick (dang Eric Wu from N’s work)
3 events where I did something that was for stranger(s)- Valentine’s day, grocery buying and backpack school supply buying
1 ipod given to me, lost and then found
Many movies watched (Inception, New moon are goodies)
Many meals learned to cook

and most importantly
1 new fiance, 1 new engagement ring
1 new apartment (with lotsa new stuff!)
1 wedding to plan 🙂
2 months of career uncertainty/ vacation/ going out of my mind
1 new job + 1 new raise + get to work from home= awesomeness
1 healthy, happy family

Thank you God for all that You have blessed me with and please help me to continue to walk in Your path and love You.

Elliptical iPhone reflection time- what an interesting week-

Monday- first day of work, went to Nathan’s house
Tuesday- work, Game 6 at Dave and Busters-
Wednesday- work but it was Nathan’s day off and he spent the night hanging out with Dillon and I was suppose to come over to meet Aunt Doris but was working. I hung out with Eduardo and he took me wine tasting at Noir. And then we went to In n Out.
Thursday- game 7!! Work. Nathan came over and we made up (we got in a big fight which I don’t want to discuss again) We won! I hung out with Irene and then we went to old town and jakes diner
Friday- work, errands, Kiss my Bundt baking class (accenture women’s social) – our group made Irish Creme and chocolate chips with a Mint American buttercream frosting. The other group did a banana bourbon bundt cake. The chef was very informative. Nathan came over late and we passed out.

Saturday- busy! I was suppose to go rock climbing with irene and Casey an I didn’t but went to the rose bowl instead and struggled through a run in the heat. Then went to bobbys for urth cafe. Afterwards wedid a fathers day celebration at Gourmet Island (omg yum!!) It was Nathan and mine’s 9th anniversary but he got back so late and was so tired that we just decided to postpone a celebration and get a fathers day gift for his dad instead. I was slightly disappointed but I understand why someone would require so much sleep now.

Sunday- woke up, worked out, got dressed for a Sunday brunch at the green raven with Irene, Barbara, mei and a few of their friends (all super nice). They went to go watch satc2 and Irene and I walked around opt town briefly. The. I went to Bella’s birthday party where it was more of an adult party than a kid’s one but it was fun and the monkey cupcakes were great although I chose to only make them.

This past week I have been a food and a money glutton!!
Food- DB for the game on Tuesday, Wednesday wine tasting and fries, Thursday- food all day and had a burger at Jakes! Friday- bundt cakes and sweets, saturday- fancy coffees and Chinese food, Sunday- brunch and bellas bday.

I feel sooo gross!’ not to mention that my expenses this week were over $300 (fathers day gift, Nathan gift, Bella gift, food food food) eels I feel bad about spending anything extra especially on food (when I don’t care that much) when we are trying to save for our apartment.

I need to get over it. I use to do this last year without even blinking on traveling trips or shoppig trips. But somehow a trip to Paris or Barcelona seemedore worth it.

Anyway so let’s talk about friends. One of my main worries in moving away is that I won’t see my friends as often. Pasadena is as close to downtown LA as I’m interested in and I can’t do the Bobby or Mei thing where I want to live in the city and be able to walk to bars or clubs. Ok so they have access to really cool things but I’m more of an outdoorsy family suburban girl who still wants access to those things without having to face the occasional bum.

Things that make me feel better about the move to WC- we are closer to
Ashley, we are in the same city as Allen and Irene’s work, and Barbara too(found out today), we are kind of closer to Eduardo.

Well I won’t be driving too much so I can sacrifice the time and endure the drives and traffic to see friends.

I am a bit nervous about moving in seeing as how I have to adjust to a new place during a time where I have a lot going on but I guess that’s a good thing because I like to be busy. It’s bad because it is another distraction.

Ok so one mile on the ellipitical doe and 20 minutes passed.

I will note the following on paper ad well- these are my work from home goals- be able to distinguish work from
Home and not work crazy hours, stay social somehow and sane with social activity, or use that loneliness I use to desire for creatvity purposes, get the apartment together, study my GMATs,
Do the business school thing, do not get fat, lose weight- plan my food,
Find hobbies(useful or lucrative). Omg oh and plan a wedding! Hah is that all?plan my career, my education, get my home together and a wedding going. Mmm easy! Lol! Oh and designate a workplace.

You know what’s funny- I am a self motivated person who is realizing that reality is not as idealistic or as fun as I thought it would be. There is a lot of stuff to do and it is easy to get distracted by quadrant three things.

This past week I struggled with work and being at home and being tired and I wasted a lot of time on pto and just chillin – I mean I worked from home almost the entire year so far (half a year) and I had 2 months off (one stressful) but a lot of things happened. I changed my job. I got engaged. I am super fit and healthy. I am moving out with my fiancé. I learned what was important to me. There is that intellectual inspiration missing but I will get it back.

Everything I have going in my life will keep me busy and when I am lonely r bored- I will be creative (and not sleep!!) goodness those two months ff messed me up-my body had a chance to experience lots of sleep and now it cares and requires it. Boo.

30 minutes into the elliptical. Okay tonight I will need to work and jot down my map and review my blog and documents for anything I missed.