January 23! 20 days of updates

Goodness it feels like the entire month has just flown by. There have been a lot of things going on aside from work and normal activities, we have wedding stuff!! We are getting a lot done actually. The first work week of January was kind of a bummer- it was back to the old routine but it was not as busy as I would have expected it to be. The next few weeks work wise were super busy.

Week of January 10th- BCS game- Auburn vs. Oregon 🙂 — Auburn won that. It was a good game. Irene came over that day too. She is excited about her maid of honor activities. Work, exercise, we were going to go to Six Flags but did not because Nathan was sick. On the 11th, N had his work dinner and Ash, Irene and I had a birthday dinner for Ashley and it was so fun! It was so nice going out with just the girls. We had delicious sushi in downtown Glendora.  On Saturday, we picked bridesmaid’s dresses! It was a great girls morning. We went to two places and we ended up picking out the dresses. Jenn and Mel got their dresses the next couple of days too. N and I played sports on Sunday instead of going to Six Flags. I loved hanging out with the girls. Ash got Bella’s flower girl dress that week too. Lots of good wedding stuff. 

Week of January 17- Dillon’s birthday party, Invitations done by Teri, work (tons of it for me) and Friday night and all day Saturday N and I had our pre-marital sessions at Lake avenue. It was wonderful (details below). Then N took me out for my promotion and we went out to a nice dinner. Sunday we went to Anaheim Hills country club for a wonderful brunch. Football all day after and then the gym.

Week of January 24th- ALPHA at Lake starts this week and we have our two tastings to schedule for Vellano and the bakery for our cake.

Eileen’s commentary for this entry.
– I JOINED KIWANIS! I called Mel and talked to him for awhile and so far this month I have been to two meetings. I like the Kiwanis and what they are about. I love the people of Kiwanis- the same ones I have known since high school pretty much. And of course I love Mel. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be joining. I like what the group is about because I see it through his eyes…I hope this continues on. He wants me to help out with Key Club and I really want to help out too but it will depend on how often I can get to Pasadena (I will have to work in Pasadena sometimes). I had to drive to Pasadena for the meeting twice so far. I really like the meetings and the presenters…I’m hoping it is more than meetings and lunch. The people there are very nice and I would like to get to know them better. They are very interesting members. I think as I get to know the club – I may want to change the dynamic… I mean I am the youngest person there by far but I am not sure they would want me to change anything. We’ll see.

This month we also met our pastor and got rejected by another pastor ( I won’t talk about that) but anyway, he suggested some wonderful fellowship sessions for us and we are definitely interested! The pre-marital courses was so wonderful- definitely intense. Friday night we were very late…but we met a couple other pre-maritals at our table and we caught the finance topic..- and it spurred on a conversation where I let N in about everything. Saturday, we woke up bright and early and had discussions about everything- we started with our love languages and our personality types. I think when we do the workbook it’ll really help us to learn about one another. We have a couple of books as well that we are going to read later. Anyway, I feel really close to N after this and we were super lovey dovey. The session was from 8-5 and it was definitely long. The speakers were wonderful. Anyway, I’ll let you in on more details as we continue the workbook on our own. 



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