New Year- Jan 3!

Oh dear a month has gone by since my last post- yikes. I have been starting to keep updates in an excel sheet mainly of appointments and activities since my vacation and PTO time.

Highlighting main events for the month- we have had a LOT of Christmas and holiday activities! Here is the list of holiday activities:
Accenture Women’s Holiday Party
Our own Christmas party
(we threw it at our place, I made some food, had some drinks and we played white elephant)- I find that it’s a good excuse to get Nathan to help clean…- Ash, Irene, Megan, Casey, Allen, Sidney, Dillon, Sarah and Eduardo came along with Nathan and I. It was fun- we hung out, played white elephant and drank more wine than we should have and played games.
Disneyland- N and I went to Disneyland and it was beautiful and fun. It was also freezing. Alyssa signed us in (love her!) and we had a wonderful time. Indy is still my favorite ride. We spent the whole day there (closed at 6) and we got super wet on the log ride…N should not be in the front…our log was particularly heavy and we sunk the log I think and got 200% more wet than anybody else exiting the ride…
Ashley’s “company” event- Food was decent, atmosphere was good to begin with- got a neat Green Street gift but it was a company sale’s event/ company party that I think Nathan would have been okay without. I had fun but I always have fun 🙂
Christmas Cookie Decorating at Nathan’s parents- That was neat— we decorated a lot of sugar cookies and spent some good time with his family. This was December 23
Volunteering at Operation Santa-  Barbara and I got up early on the 23rd to  help with Operation Santa– man did I lift a lot of boxes….I also cut open a lot of boxes and stacked a ton of toys. I should not be given a box cutter…I’m surprised I didn’t hurt myself. Then we helped sort Santa costumes. Then B and I had lunch and went to XI. I also met up with Bobby later for coffee!
N’s Grandma’s Christmas Eve Party- This was N’s extended family’s party and it was pretty fun- I saw all of his grand-aunts and uncles again and met his cousin- sweet girl.
Christmas Eve Church Candlelight Service- N and I went to the midnight service at Lake Ave- it was really nice and interactive.
Christmas Day- the day of TWO Christmases.
Is that a word? Christmases… mmmm oh well- it didn’t go red on me. N and I exchanged gifts with one another in the morning to make it special :). He got me a gorgeous tennis bracelet and a pearl bracelet and he liked his gifts a lot too. First Christmas “event” was the one at my family’s — was happy and fun! We all exchanged gifts (Ma really liked her purse and new jacket and Dad liked his new techy gift- Allen enjoyed his pillow too!). And then we went to Baccali for lunch- YUM! I haven’t had that much food or meat in a long time so it was extremely delicious. Afterwards, we came home and watched a little basketball and then Nathan and I went to his grandparent’s house with our gifts for our Second event:). His parents were already there. We all divided the gifts and opened them in rounds. I received some lovely and thoughtful gifts and Nathan and I got dance lessons too for the wedding! We also had our own stockings. Then we had Christmas dinner (yummy ham) and hung out for awhile. I requested “The Santa Clause” so we all watched that at his grandparents house.
After Christmas events:
December 26– slept in, mall (got LOTs of stuff at VS- love those gift receipts), movies — saw True Grit- good one and then hit the gym
December 27- Hair appointment- my hair is dark brown now and I LOVE IT! Then went to Macy’s for another gift receipt thing…. 🙂  
December 28- Lunch with the cousins.
This was fun- I hadn’t seen my cousins or talked to them in forever- Yen, Mark, Kalvin and his gf Wendy- we went to Sunday Bistro and caught up. I hadn’t seen Yen and Mark’s parents in awhile either so that was really nice. I had a great time with them and I look forward to seeing them again soon. Then I did laundry and was annoyed when I got home—
December 29-
 N was off today but I was in one of my moods. we went to get him fitted for his tux and we selected the groomsmen’s tuxes and his own tux (I can’t wait!) They look fab. We salvaged the day after lunch. I don’t remember what we were mad about but we got over it.
December 30-
I went to Pasadena to find out that Dad was sick, gathered some stuff for the Rose Parade (with the intent of camping out), had a stress out attack and mini pity party that I got over quickly. Drove my butt to Beverly Hills (ugh…traffic there and traffic coming back) to meet with our photographer- whose style I like but a couple of critiques— 1- She should meet her clients at their convenience, 2- She needs to respond more promptly, 3- She should not be late for one of our max two meetings, 4- her contracts need work… will get to that later…. but really though her style is good and I hope she will pull through- I don’t have 100% confidence like I do Dean (our lovely British DJ) but he has been in the business for a long time.
December 31-
NYE! Saw N at 3, and I was antsy all day and night- waiting to go out! I was a bit stressed because N was tired and I didn’t know what was going on and I wasn’t sure who would meet up with us. I swear I rather just throw a party next year. Anyway, we ended up driving to Pasadena originally thinking we would meet up with Allen and Sid- who ended up flaking on me twice that day (thought he was going to come to our place after work and thought he was coming out with us)- only brothers are allowed to do that without me getting annoyed. So then we drove to Old Town where there were SOOO many people already camping out for the parade. We tried to find decent parking and Irene and Casey actually told us where to park so we met them at Parsons and walked around to find our NYE party destination. Neomeze, Menage and Barneys were ridiculous— it didn’t feel right to pay $40-50 to go to a place we usually go to and where they are begging us to come in for free. We went to this new place LIV– I like it- it’s got  a “Pure” Caesar’s club theme to it. We danced and counted down the new year there. It’s very funny- N hates crowds and crowded situations and I love them. So I’m sure he was thrilled about the club scene and colorado Blvd. 🙂 We had a good time though. Drove home, went through Jack in the Box (I am always starving with alcohol).
January 1-
Saturday! We went to the gym and just enjoyed doing nothing. Got a call from Mari and Lauren!!
January 2-
Sunday- watched Greg Laurie, took down the tree, did errands, went to Fresh and Easy and I went overboard in baking and cooking things as I do when I have nothing else to do and something I need to occupy myself with, then we went to the gym 🙂

It’s going to be a good year- 2011. Lots of good things to happen and lots of good things I will make happen. Greg Laurie’s sermon had a good message. The theme was If this year were your last….would I have lived it the way God intended and the way that I would have wanted to. It makes me not sweat the small stuff and focus on what is important. It’s list making time 🙂


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