Quick update

Ok so I have definitely been slacking lately- busy at work. Thanksgiving events, wedding stuff, etc.

Got the wedding venue, DJ, dress, Christmas shopping done and there’s much more to do.

Today I went to my work holiday event and I have to say it was definitely fun and interesting- and I would not be as excited as hosting an event as some people would. I like decorating and I like crafts and cooking but not with a full time job. There’s just no way. I mean I barely got the beverages in time and was stressed and I am in a more flexible job than I was before.

So 20 women ages 24-50…60 add booze, food and imagine that these are LA women so first thing I notice- everyone looks amazing….the older ones look super young and the ones in their 30s look great. Everyone is thin and fit and dressed very well. I love LA- I would imagine more Mom-ish looks were I in the mid-west. The craft was a cookie jar craft and the appetizers were good and I ran into a lot of girls I knew and met some I didn’t – which I immediately liked.

Things that women have in common- marriage, weddings, being engaged. I get it…it’s a weird club. I mean there was another girl there who was engaged and we immediately could connect on a different level with how hard it is and how much work we have to do…those who were already married could relate and were interested. That was definitely different for me- but it’s nice to be in this “club” I guess :).

Those were the two things I noticed…that and most of my company’s women don’t age….well combine money + LA standards and you’ve got a pretty good looking group :).

I like having a women’s group- there is actually a lot of things we have in common and have to talk about. It’s odd because I’ve always been a guy’s girl…hung out with the guys, laughed at crude jokes, played sports, knew lots about cars etc…so this is really nice to enjoy planning a party, love the decorations and pay attention to detail 🙂 hahaha!!!

I’ve got a bunch of stuff left for this weekend and our holiday party on Dec 12 and then another xmas eve party later on. Goodness. We don’t have food in the fridge but we’ve got eggnog,chocolate chips and whip cream! hehehe.

Yeah that was an interesting observation- it’s nice to feel special all because someone loves you enough to marry you….I gotta say– it’s very anti-feminism — wrong wording but it’s late so forgive me…. but it’s like I became more interesting because I was engaged. Mmmm…validation from societal expectations? perhaps? I’m looking into it too much I think.

OH so LA women at my company= dress well, look great, and drive fantastic cars 🙂 Go consultants and women in services!  AND LA women would only be the ones to suggest an S-dance class for our next event— this is coming from our senior managers and managers….pole dancing classes- hilarious! This is not the south.

OK I’m excited for the weekend…sort of 🙂 The only obligation is Sunday’s N famliy christmas picture and setting up the tree but other than that- it’s quality time with N- maybe the USC-UCLA game. And I really want to go hiking- it’s cold though but I still want to. It’s nice and fun…gotta find an area around here to do so. I’m tired of the movies, shopping and hanging around our city.

All for now.


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