Work, wedding stuff, Jackass

Hi! So this week was my first week back at work and I must say I do not like waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning when I started getting use to having 11am wake up calls or being able to go back to sleep after N wakes up.

Monday- 5am meetings, struggled all day with work, need to improve my productivity. Here is an article a friend gave me and I took out what I saw relevant to myself and I liked it! –


Three Experts Talk About Productivity, Procrastination, and Getting Off Your Butt

What three tips can you share to get me off my butt?

1.  Overcome reactionary work flow. The constant inflow of “stuff”—email, texts, tweets, IMs—causes us to react rather than be proactive with our energy. Create windows of nonstimulation in your day to be proactive with your energy.

2. Organize with a bias toward action. Enter every meeting and occasion of creativity with an obsession for capturing “action steps” (tasks). When a meeting yields nothing actionable, question its existence. Keep action steps separate from notes.

3. Share ideas liberally. The more people who know your ideas, the more accountable you will be to follow through. Use blogs, networks, and social media to spread ideas, gather feedback, and boost accountability.

What three tips can you share to get me off my butt?

1. Talk to or research someone who’s achieved a goal similar to yours. What steps did that person follow? Use this as a road map.

2. Start small. Do one thing today. Do one more thing tomorrow. Over a year this adds up (to 365 things).

3. Find an accountability partner—someone who will call and nag you once a week to make sure you’re on track.


Treat thinking sessions like doctor’s appointments. When you first start, aim for two one-hour sessions of uninterrupted thinking. Mark this time on your calendar, and consider it the way you would any other appointment or commitment you wouldn’t break without a good reason.

Plan for your sessions. Before these sessions, think through which questions you’d like to ponder. Gather any research material you’ll need, so you don’t have to go online to hunt for a document (which can lead to checking your email, and your Facebook, and your Twitter account while you’re there).

I like the idea of the thinking sessions the best- having devoted time to think about certain things. My brain is all over the place and that can be seen by my distractions or just the number of windows I have open. I also like the do one thing a day…towards your goal. I need to write this down. Keep a non electronic journal for this.

OK I just wrote that down. Wow that took about 100000000x longer than typing it. And by typing it I mean ctrl c, ctrl v.

We went to N’s parent’s house after this and hung out for a bit.

Tuesday Oct. 19- I had my first opportunity at work to do something I have yet to do and I got the assignment at 6am…and I did well 🙂 yay. :).  I don’t recall what we did later tonight…

Wednesday- Oct. 20- Work. Anddd today I was a mystery shopper! I had an account in college and today is my first time doing a shop in Socal. It was fun— annoying getting all of the things I needed together without a printer but I managed. N conducted the shop too– well he was there lol. It was fun– I got to reveal myself to the manager afterwards and give him a cash prize even though I wish the cash prize had gone to the server/cashier. I know this was a gym night and I love the gym- I love to run and I love how I feel after- I wish it didn’t take that long though. kills the night.

Thursday- more working, helped my manager with a few fire drills. Then got mad at N for something I tried to help him with and found something else I didn’t enjoy. Argued for about 15 minutes, got over it. I was a mystery shopper again tonight— in El Monte.. Let me say that I did not feel super comfortable driving my car in this area of town or parking my car or walking around. Anyway the shop was successful here as well. Good sushi.

THEN we went to watch Jackass at the AMC and it was hilarious. It was N’s idea to go tonight and I really like Jackass…I liked 1 and 2…I won’t sit and watch the shows but I cracked up during Jackass 2. So for this one– first thing I noticed– they have a lot more budget, second thing- wow they are getting old…Johnny Knoxville looks like he could break. third thing- all of the guys are doing things that look sooo painful and like they would hurt. And I’m sure it did hurt. Before I think they were doing it for fun and excitement, now it’s like they are doing it out of obligation for money and to entertain. Either way it was pretty funny and gross. I did have to look away multiple times. Some of the things these guys did…if it happened accidentally to me once I’d be upset for a long time and they are doing it again and again. I laughed the hardest at the donkey scene, cringed the most at the tooth pulling scene, and looked away at the Steve-o poo scene.

Wedding stuff! So we looked at a couple of places last weekend— Mountain Meadows and Coyote Hills- both golf courses/country clubs… love both…Mountain Meadows has a potential deal breaker of traffic and Coyote Hills has a wedding before ours would be. So we are checking out Anaheim Golf Course and La Canada Flintridge country club this weekend. I’m excited about both. Can I say that weddings are expensive…kus they are. We haven’t even budgeted for other things yet…like dresses, dj’s etc. and we got quoted about $20K for just food and the reception venue at a few places. funfun. Have more to figure out.

OH I forgot to mention what else we did last weekend- Amanda and Mike came over and we got to hang out with them. Drank at the apt. Amanda and I talked wedding stuff. Mike and N drank a lot…lol. Then we went clubbing in Old Town. 🙂 fun times!

Ok done for now. xoxo


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