Meals I have cooked that I will cook again:

Chicken tacos and burritos
Grilled tri tips and grilled zucchini with garlic bread
Meatballs and rice, tuna pasta salad, strawberries with chocolate
BBQ chicken and rice (add water to the spices in the skillet to keep the chicken moist)
Eggs and toast…lol
Turkey sandwiches
Turkey burgers
Any cheating tuna helper meal/ pasta helper meal
Pasta with sauce…not too creative..

To make– that Chipotle rice, a healthier Panda orange chicken, I’m interested in this copykat recipes site

Dishes I can make with things in the fridge:
Egg salad
Chicken Salad
Tuna salad
(all of which can go in sandwiches- OR WRAPS)
Grilled Cheese 🙂


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