Made up, good weekend :)

Fantastic weekend- here are the stats:

Friday- well I wrote about that already- got some stuff done.
Saturday- GYM, Rose Bowl for 3 miles, Dodger Game
Saturday was a bit tumultuous for me because my moods were kicking up again- it was that whole drug thing well if I were on drugs thing again. I had 6 different ups and downs before 12pm and I honestly did not know what was going on with me.  I was so happy when we woke up, then so angry at breakfast, then happy after breakfast, angry at the gym, beyond angry at the gym, happy around the rose bowl, angry before the dodger game,

THEN we talked. I just had to bring it up and Nathan could tell that something was bothering me and he was pretty upset when I told him I wasn’t very happy since we got engaged. And the drive over to Dodger stadium was killer- we both had very heavy hearts. We talked about it and I was so stressed as we went to Vons to get snacks and then got snacks at the stadium.

We decided that I was nervous for the move in. And we really talked it through while waiting for the game to start. And honestly I felt better just after talking to Nathan about it.

The game itself was full of action!! Lots of good hits from the Braves and the Dodgers. We were up 2-0 until the 7th inning…which Billingsly left it was over. I swear we have some of the worse second string pitches ever. Billingsly, Crenshaw and Broxton= awesome. Tronsoco is awful- he allowed 4 runs before even getting one person out. Needless to say, after the pitchers changed and really made our outfield work– it was over. But the game was cool- lots of beach balls, waves, food, Nathan and Eileen make up smiles and kisses, a proposal from some guy, songs but no foul balls our way. Manny threw one into our stands though- that was nice.

It was nice to watch the game with Allen and Sidney. Dillion, Eric and Sarah were in the stadium as well. I feel kind of bad for Nathan….Dillon hasn’t really come through for him lately and I can tell it upsets him.

Allen took us to KOGI after- YUM! I can see why there is a lot of hype- Allen’s right- it’s slightly better than the best taco you’ve ever had 🙂

Nathan and I passed out after- exhausted!

Sunday- CHURCH in the morning. Pastor Greg is in Isreal so we had another pastor preach about storms and hard times and how Jesus puts us in these storms and that we have to have faith in him and that He will pray for us. Just as He sent his decipals away in the storm, He is putting us here too. It was a good reminder for me honestly and I needed it.

Then Nathan and I ran errands- Target, Marshalls, and got some lunch. Before we knew it- it was time for the LAKERS!

We went to Irene and Casey’s for the game and Allen and Sidney showed up too- it was so fun. I’m upset at the refs for the 4 bad calls. 2 AWFUL calls on Kobe for fouls that were not fouls and a bad call on Gasol when Garnett’s hand was the one that knocked the ball out.  UGH. But anyway it was fun- I’m happiest when all of the people I love are together and that’s what happened. Sidney and Allen loved their sugar glider and it is pretty cute 🙂

After that, Nathan and I hit the gym- I did 3 miles on the treadmill then a couple on the elliptical and then we came home and I had an urge to organize as I sometimes do.

And now it is Monday morning, I made Nathan breakfast and I drank my coffee and here I am 🙂


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